Stoic Adult

Calm StormThe force behind the surface of the mind a man is otherwise conscious of is the base instinctive and emotional need to remain in safe and pleasant conditions. The more elevated traits of intention and ambition, which otherwise supercede this adolescent desire for security and comfort, are rendered dormant when unfavourable circumstances appear in the foreground. It is a tug of war between a peevish child and a stoic adult, and in ordinary men it is the child that is typically winning the pull between the two. From such a perspective, life becomes a test in which a man is asked to subvert his natural reactions with a will of intelligence that can perceive a wider field than simply that of the immediate moment. Intelligence itself is an unnatural activity and its meaning is contrary to what most men would definite it as. It is the capacity to act against ones mechanics and the mechanics of the world and instead breathe life into one’s thoughts and emotions so that spontaneous acts of creativity can emerge from any situation. The essential realization is that there is never an excuse to react with negativity of any kind; that every event of every variety can produce a profitable state of psychological refinement.


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