Absentee Landlord

Phantoms AboundWhen the mind finds itself pestered with trivial complaints or is seized by a rumour mill of judgments based on tangential thoughts idly swirling around, it is because a man is being an absentee landlord to his own self. The problem with the human condition is that men are reared without any technical knowledge of how their heads tick. They are curtained away from what could otherwise be an understanding of the inner workings of their personalities. A man is left unconsciously in sync with his every associative reaction and cannot stand apart from them. His feelings are hurt far too easily, his thoughts jump to conclusions without considering what are typically far more shaded situations, and his body tangles up with tensions because it mistakes psychological stress for physical danger. The modern man’s whole being is weaved in misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misapprehensions of every kind. The unfortunate reality is that he is simply unaware of this being the case and so instead lives in a delusional bubble in relation to himself and consequently to everything else. The road back, the anecdote from all of this insistent silliness of being trapped in psychological shadows and darkness, is to indulge in as much self-doubt as possible, observe what is actually happening, and somehow crawl towards a sober state of sanity.


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