Monotonous Road

Frozen SenseA finer mental state than that of the ordinary variety can only be cultivated when the outer existence of a man is enriching. Left in the cold wilderness of modern mundane life, filled to the brim with only the most familiar routines of daily habits, the mind rests on its laurels. What flows out of it is as dulled and dumbed down as the subpar perceptions the senses roll in. The motivating principles that his personality revolves around gradually degenerate simply from a lack of use, until his very character becomes an utterly predictable role that is no more interesting than one found in a second rate novel. Men who are endowed with the innate desire to be fruitful in their lives ought to fear the unconscious effects a mundane outer life can impose on the quality of their inner psyches. If events are left to take a course down a monotonous road in which every sight, sound, smell, and sense is uninteresting, he will harden up and lose the talent to be responsive and spontaneous to a world that is inherently filled with tremendous possibilities. Only a man who is capable of recognizing such a fate can take the necessary measures to protect himself from it.


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