Narrow Gate

Narrow PathThe only way for a man to become more than he is already is to twist his own arm, betray his ache for idleness, and agree to carry on more than he can handle. He will amount to utterly nothing if he spares himself from seemingly unnecessary strains. In and of themselves many chores, tasks, and obligations can appear dispensable to his immediate welfare. It is only in relation to the aim of becoming more, this desire to expand one’s range and scope of whatever raw talents lie dormant within him, that what seems otherwise inessential becomes absolutely obligatory. He will value these toils in connection to an aim that can only be gradually realized on the canvas of tomorrow. This reaping can only be sown in the future and the fruits are unlike any other, for there is no other creature in existence that can foster a psychological effect of this kind. His mantle is tested day by day as his nerves grow stronger, his senses sharper, his judgment sounder, until each and every element of his character is refined from the coarse into the fine. This is the narrow gate of necessity that the peculiar man must travel if he is serious in his longing to become more than what he is already.


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