True Nature

Dig DeepMen hardly ever stop to ask themselves what their true nature is when both the carrot and the stick are left absent. Without either a perceived reward for pursuing or a risk in avoiding, an ordinary man falls prey to the ever present force of inertia. He stops, motionless, as if the clockwork that runs time and space has frozen itself to a halt. Devoid of the lessons of indoctrination that society has dinned into the individual during his upbringing, he hardly knows what his own original and sincere intent is or ought to be. An inherent aim to live according by is missing from the equation. It is this hidden fact of existence, this lack of an innate purpose for living out one’s life based around a meaningful context, that deprives men of the capacity to experience a state of natural contentment. The influence of society instead hypnotizes its flocks to adopt artificial tastes, desires and interests, which just like any other cheap substitute will only quench the thirst for a trivial period of time. Soon the titillation from the counterfeit pleasure subsides and the man returns to a state of vacuous boredom. Whatever it is that the world has taught him has no lasting value compared to the self-knowledge that only he can discover for himself.


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