Negative Pressure

Floating AbsentIt is the unfortunate case that men cannot adopt qualities like ingenuity and resourcefulness, nor develop any talent beyond its natural scope, without being immersed in conditions and circumstances that bear suffering. The most elevated parts of him remain dormant and exist only as a potential without the continual presence of negative pressure. In isolation from the stress of various forms of suffering men find themselves too comfortable to step above their perceived laurels and blessings. It is a psychological law that a man will in fact be rendered blind to his potential when the strains of an erratic and uncertain world are absent. Only in the midst of a life that appears to furnish every variety of unexpected conflict and friction will heĀ endeavourĀ to adopt the sense of urgency required in order to maximize the possibilities of his present moment and strive to be a better man in the evening than the one he was upon waking. When the pressures of existence do arise, men are set apart from one another according to the quality of their attitude towards the tribulations they encounter. Be it negative and of the nature of avoidance, or positive and of the nature of embracement, the quality of his being will degenerate or develop accordingly.


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