Wishful Thinking

Be ReadyThe idea that there can be a permanent state of peace in any context, without being narrowed down to the most simplistic conditions and timeframe, is a dubious myth. No such perceived state of mind or circumstance can ever be maintained for very long. A man’s psychology and the world of external affairs reflect a space in which a great many influences and factors collide. One’s conditioned perspective can be to avoid this fact and cower at the sight of conflict, curling away, awash in a sea of childish emotion, or a man can adapt himself to the very peculiar approach of facing every problem with a sense of impartiality. Relatively normal men are quite able to adopt such a psychological state of mind, in which the aim is to seek not some fairytale ending but to simply live and struggle to grow smarter and stronger against the currents of reality. In a world of ever increasing complication, a man must steel himself to every unexpected twist and turn. He ought to never indulge in the idle state that assumes anything else but the same repeating scenarios, and instead learn to be relatively indifferent to whether things go his way or fail to do so. Every moment offers a perpendicular and elevated perspective that is raised well above the petty fears and anxieties of wishful thinking.


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