Aberrant Voices

Noisy ScreenA man perceives one aspect of his hypnotic state by the ever-churning imagination of his daydreams. A meandering momentum of thoughts, images, sounds — drawing from his reserve of memories and projecting out into the present moment — sink his attention to the lowest unconscious level. He assumes that every association that surfaces in his mind is a genuine element of his identity and so he indulges in nearly everything that arises. Men identify themselves with all of these mental manifestations and by this folly decide to follow along whichever path the¬†aberrant¬†voices suggest. What they mistake as decisions is simply the colliding of various competing voices, with the loudest, strongest and most familiar of them reigning supreme as circumstances permit. It’s all a predictable yet severely familiar psychological condition that can only be remedied by the discipline to disbelieve the incessant noise mustered from one’s imagination. What is needed is a form of negativity that is actually positive, taking shape as an attitude that actively resists an intent or behaviour because experience lends a man the wisdom to discriminate. It is exactly such an intentional and conscious force that is required to stop imagination before it even starts and in its stead rally and gather one’s attention into a thick cloud that can rain down good fruits.


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