Base Inertia

Riding CirclesMen are creatures that churn in the moment, though this is not to say they necessarily live in the moment. Most are asleep to it as if floating on a wooden board along a current that moves in an aimless direction completely indifferent to what happens to its passengers. A man’s underlying prerogative is to sustain his survival, heighten his comforts, and avoid disruptions to this very basic intent of instinctive welfare. His mind doesn’t like to structure tasks and matters in a hierarchal fashion that prioritizes life according to higher and lower aims, though this becomes relatively necessary according to the circumstances of one’s survival amidst societal demands. If he were to be unchained of these requirements, he would gradually descend to the level of an increasingly hedonistic lifestyle devoid of labours above and beyond the most elementary level of satisfactions. A tendency to go above and beyond arises when, for some reason or another, a man encounters ideas that elevate and invigorate him in a way that this state of slumber could never deliver on its own. He stirs around in an uncomfortable position when ideas disturb the status quo of his mind with the promise of opportunities to become better and greater than what base inertia otherwise makes available. In the domain of the novel, strange, and mysterious, men are compelled to wrestle with their weaknesses and work towards a general bettermen of their own condition.


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