Tempest Arises

Step CarefullyMost men are stricken with the great weight of trivial emotional strains, all of which have their source in illogical points of view. A man first encounters a perceived problem which triggers the release of potent hormones which for their part engenders an anxious psychological state. His chemistry goes instinctive, steeped in fear to some degree, and such a state inherently conflicts with the inner conditions required in order to be able to think clearly and sanely. The blood heats up, boils and bubbles, clouding his mind with a discharge of emotional fervour. This is equivalent to a man’s field of vision being narrowed down in scope and the lens tainting to ever dimmer shades. He literally becomes increasingly blind to the reality in which he finds himself and grows near insane by the action of the biochemical storm that has suddenly brewed inside him. By the time the tempest arises it is already too late to do anything but wait for it to subside. The triggers are the root problem and the way to escape the tragedy of these temporary bouts of insanity is to work to remove them. Only by struggling to think in a rational manner over a period of time will a man find that many of these triggers gradually disappear into the shadows of the past.


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