Sane Thinking

Step UpEach day a man is confronted with excuses to indulge in useless negativity. An endless variety and combination of conditions and circumstances will encourage him to transform what is otherwise neutral energy into trivial complaints and anxieties. In every case that he is compelled to do so, he must instead struggle with himself and channel the energy towards intelligence and the creativity that only sane thinking can muster. The fact will always remain that expressions of negativity are the result of a deplorably lazy state of mind. Conditions and circumstances that conflict with a man’s perceived path of comfort and pleasure can be the fuel to manifest ingenuity. It is in changing one’s attitude from passive to active, lazy to responsible, that opens up the possibility of this distorted perception to melt and give way to logical reasonings of how to solve real world problems. If men refuse to act as adults and instead react like children, they deny themselves of yet another opportunity to grow and develop themselves, so that tomorrow’s trajectory leads upwards to something rather than downwards to nothing. An entire life can be wasted when this lazy state of mind is given the leeway it pleads for at every unexpected turn of fate.


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