Discount Himself

Flame AwayThe human experience is a pendulum of extremes.¬†When riding the high side of emotion men forget all about the low. The momentum of either positive or negative currents blind the thoughts from considering the broader picture. Men unconsciously edit the situation to emphasize what they want to see and all but make the rest invisible. One side rises while the other hides. Cheery optimism soon gives way to a commensurate state of gloom, which in turn hampers a man’s ability to recall the positivity that came before. The mind seems forever buffered from seeing any given moment of reality with the clarity that it deserves. Instead each man’s psychological scenery simply exaggerates the landscape into a caricature that follows whichever emotion that governs the land at that point in time. His whimsical imagination intoxicates his perspective into believing that the emotion in question has full disclosure of what is actually happening. It seems blasphemous to his state of mind that he resist his thoughts and disbelieve the hypnotism of how he feels. For sobriety to become available the positive head must remember its negative tail. Only when a man can discount himself from the equation does such a reconciliation of opposites become possible.


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