Trivial State

Tethered LightsEach personality is buried in unnecessary social reactions it has been conditioned to oblige at every turn. Like little weights tethered to a bird, each reaction binds a man to a heavy existence rife with imposed anxieties, making theĀ endeavourĀ to fly near impossible. Most are paralyzed to a life of mediocrity because all of their energy is spent either taking offense to something or in labouring to repair the perceived slights that other people believe have been unjustly made against them. Everyone is ready to take offense before the offense has even been made. This is the trivial state of mind that infects everyone except those very few who realize how nonsensically unnecessary it all is. The remedy is not to explain the silly reality of what is actually happening to all those involved, but to forgo participating in the game at play altogether. A sober man is attentive to his emotional state and is aware of the fact that at any moment someone or something will compel him to react in some meaningless way. The moment will encourage the wasting away of his vital energies at the service of participating in a theatrical drama that ends only once his final breath is drawn.


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