Hive Mentality

Wake UpWhether he knows it or not, the psychological gravity of an ordinary man compels him to be an automaton. The natural line of progression of a child to an adult is for every open possibility of spontaneity to turn into a closed form of routine. The child enters a world filled with strange customs and adapts to it by imitation. The child does not consider innovation, but only survival, and however much men may preach about innovation as a philosophy they adhere to, they are raised in conditions in which it is always an exception and never the rule. Ordinary men follow the norms and do not yearn to stretch themselves beyond them, for nothing is more threatening to the stability of society than a possible tear in its fabric. Laziness is a virtue encouraged by the unconscious laws that ensure the status quo, and it is not the result of some nefarious force, but rather the act of the system ensuring its own stability. In this light men are subject to a hive mentality that is never revealed to them as an active force in their lives, directing and orchestrating their actions behind an invisible curtain. They are innocent to the psychological spell that is sung continuously from dusk to dawn, binding them to a perceptual prison in which they have to sooner or later learn to escape.


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