Exclusive Cocoons

Jailed InMen’s minds are designed to filter out as much external noise as possible so that their inner narrative receives the spotlight. Each mind has its own unique way of distorting reality, blocking out certain details and highlighting others, so that their point of view is skewed to a particular set of colours and so limited and distorted by its scope of sight. It is in this light that men are said to see only what they want to see. They are left to live inside their own isolated, exclusive cocoons, and as delusional as it might be the hypnotism of it is convincing. Men will always forgo the effort to be skeptical towards themselves and insist instead on criticizing everything else around them. If the world seems to not favour the direction of their narrative, they will react negatively and cry foul at the winds of fate for not playing nicely. The living reality around them becomes restricted to a simpleminded tale about their egos acting the part of a sole protagonist, in which their success and failure is of the utmost importance to the grande theatre in which everyone else is perceived as playing only a minor part. Such a descriptive case of the common man’s mentality is nothing less than a condition of insanity.


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