Intelligent Faith

As Above So BelowThere is a mathematical law allegedly in place that balances the scales of the acts and deeds of men. It has sentimental names like karma, acquired terms that create a subjective impression on what is actually quite objective by its nature. For every act there is a counterbalancing reaction, where no shift or change however small goes unnoticed. It is the same in the sphere of social dynamics, where men who give or take from their environment in a single instance will experience a corresponding deposit or withdrawl in their relative future. It is not to be taken as a sentimental moral law but an impartially mathematical one, and by what manner the scales effect their change in the lives of men should not be taken in a naïve way. There is likely no judgmental deity watching from above as men do right or wrong against each other below. The idea should instead effect a positive change in a man’s mind by encouraging acts of sincere generosity. The cause of such goodwill lies within the intelligent faith that there are laws in place to keep him safe and secure in his position as he freely dissipates his excess time and resources in increasing the quality of the overall environment.


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