Constantly Doubt

Floating AwayAn adult is an overflowing cup of readymade answers. During his childhood and throughout his maturing years he is overwhelmed with a society that appears to know what is what with the utmost of certainty. The human animal instinctively craves to blend into the reassuring arms of the majority by assuming the same postures of confidence as everyone else. The trade-off is the potential development of his own peculiar sense of individuality, the sort of presence of mind that can discover facts about life and existence for itself, rather than simply draw out artificial responses from the dusty cupboards of a vocabulary it has borrowed from every foreign source he has encountered to date. There is a creative capacity that only exists when there is a space large enough in one’s mind to constantly doubt the old answers and look for new ones despite the discomfort that accompanies the effort. Men are raised and conditioned to grow fat and feeble, with their head’s screwed on in a particular way that shuns the prospect of restructuring the order of its thoughts and points of view. To reexamine, test, and struggle against the multitude of assumptions and preconceived notions he unsuspectingly carries — indeed, all of that which otherwise make his life rather comfortable — is the most difficult and therefore unlikely task a man will set himself upon.


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