Partial Existence

Lost SightThat invisible mass of energy a man calls by the name of attention, the force at his disposal to direct as he wishes and wills, has only a partial existence in this life. In most men the capacity to direct their attention is only exercised a few minutes at a time and typically then only out of sheer necessity. It is far more usual and right to say that an ordinary man lives in an autopilot state where the scantiest quantity of attention is available to meet the day with genuinely conscious decisions. Instead he is accustomed to act in accordance to the nature of a dreamy figment endowed with a preconfigured personality of tastes and tendencies. From infancy to adolescence he has adopted and absorbed all of the many habits, traits and characteristics that allow him to passively follow along a path where his every reaction to circumstance is known well in advance. A real presence of attention, an actual instance of this directed line of conscious exertion towards a specific topic of interest, requires a type of labour that is usually unknown to the average man. It is rarely known and distinguished for what it is for the simple fact that it is unnecessary and wholly dispensable in the pursuit of optimal survival amidst the daily turnover of social existence.


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