Mirror Snapshot

Fixed PositionThere is an order, a balancing act of nature itself, and it applies to the ecosystem of humanity and its increasingly convoluted system of social behaviour. They name it karma, point to a catchy proverb, or explain it away with some or another analogy or allegory. The essence of it is that men are connected by invisible strings to the social structures of which they are a part, and the circumstances of their life is a mirror snapshot of exactly who and what they are. While a man thinks of himself in a singular way, the reality is that he is many men at the same time, all living in parallel and perpendicular directions to one another. As outer conditions change, shifting from one setting to another where relationships differ from one set of people and circumstances to the next, a man automatically plays different roles and actually changes like a chameleon into different men. The characteristics of his personality, its tendencies and peculiar tastes, transition in both subtle and stark ways that he is assured to be unaware. His notice doesn’t follow the breaks of character, and so while one circumstance compels him to think and act in a completely contradictory way relative to how he was perhaps only an hour ago, his observation fails to reveal the situation as it is. The inevitable consequence of unconscious ignorance to this fact allots a typical man with a zero-sum credit of karma, as he reveals himself to be as much a sinner as he is a saint. He stands fixed in his position, lacking the capacity to move from his place, and so his tomorrow becomes a replicate of both today and yesterday.


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