Emotive Energy

Look BeyondIn every instance of perceived misfortune and the ensuing discontent it predictably creates, there was a space between the event and the ensuing state where something other than a mechanical reaction could have taken place. In between the trigger and the effect it stirs is an emotive energy that is released. ItĀ seeks to take shape into a particular form as soon as possible and the emotional reaction a man has learned to adopt in exactly that moment is the form that so happens to manifest. The negative reaction that took place could have potentially been a positive one instead. Yet the typical adult man is chock-full of fixed programming that supplants any chance of him making a conscious choice between the two paths. Every energetic release has a predefined fate because the man in question lacks a sufficiently advanced state of mind to be aware of all the levers and switches that doom him to be quite like a tethered puppet. If he could be and do other than what his upbringing has conditioned him to be and do, if he were to possess the capacity to escape for just one moment from his attachment to all of this programming, he might just have the chance to experience these energies, these raw emotions, in a very different and novel way than what he is tiresomely familiar.


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