Mental Noise

Push AwayThere’s a mantra lurking behind every glib smile and frown,¬†unbeknownst to all those that wear them. It endows each and every personality with the belief that their thought flow is logical and valid simply for the fact that it appears. It is this resulting pseudo confidence in oneself that gives way to every number and combination of misunderstandings and confusions in daily life, and the inevitable flow of arguments that come about as a result. It is inbuilt beneath all the layers of sophisticated and clever ideas that circulate in flocks within one’s mind. The thought appears in the unsuspecting head, they attach themselves to it because it sounds out inside as a voice clearly identified as their own, and every ensuing thing that happens next is inherited as their own personal claim and responsibility. A man’s potential stands in opposition to all of this, lying at every part of his psychological landscape untainted by this unintended pretension. It is a whole scale of difference when a man can observe a thought as not is own, when he can isolate himself from it like an object standing a meter away in the physical world. It is in exactly this space that he creates between himself and the automatic flow of mental noise that he can find the room to create a thought all on his own.


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