Inside Themselves

Now OnlookingThe rising tides of events, as they collide and redirect the course of a man’s life in unexpected directions, illustrates what a conflicted mind he truly has. His thoughts, relatively calm before, now turn frenetic, racing with voices that substitute clarity with confusion. Most men’s sense of peace is utterly entwined and dependent on the state of events and affairs before them. As these externalities shift their form from sweet to sour, so do their minds like a mirror reflect back the same flavour in terms of their emotional reactions. It is exceedingly rare for men to acknowledge to themselves the inherent separateness of their inner psychological state to the outer events that manage to persuade them in every moment to follow in sync to their random tunes. Men have the potential power to live in the midst of thrashing storms and still maintain a state of relaxed composure. Yet it only marks the most exceptional of them to exercise this inborn freedom and acknowledge that there is no benefit whatsoever to their fate that they involuntarily and unconsciously submit inside themselves to the beck and call of external circumstances. The typical man’s nature is conditioned to be hypnotized by everything that unfolds before his eyes, and so in this unfortunate state of slumber he forgets of the possibility to awake.


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