Arbitrary Desires

Arbitrary DesiresThe nature of harmony is to continually flow in a sequence, never pausing from one moment to the next, and so allowing a rhythm to form into one or another pattern. The question a man has to face is whether these patterns form mechanically and without any intention on his part, or if he somehow manages to influence the outcome by some special knowledge he has acquired. The unfortunate reality is that virtually no men exist who can perform the miraculous feat of intentionally forming their own patterns. What a man mistakes as intentional is their being caught in a series of events that of their own accord form his fate into the life he leads. His natural tendency is to rationalize every twist and turn as being dependent and related to his own actions, even when this is wholly a delusion on his part. The best the majority of men can do is learn to prototype, a zigzagging manoeuvre where they are constantly revising their actions and plans according to a pattern that is demanding them to recognize. Whether a man is able to surrender his own stubborn motives and listen to the wish of reality, and depending on the degree in which he is able to do this, decides how easily and successfully everything else takes shape. In this way he allows himself to be a facilitator, not a possessor or owner, and so allow fate to fashion itself in a way which is not contradictory to his own arbitrary and irrelevant desires.


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