Human Condition

Lined UpThe momentum of the present moment is a sober force of resistance to any possibility of real change from a life trajectory that appears largely preset from birth. Psychological tendencies and traits are always being developed, reinforced, and justified within a man’s being, whether he decides to build upon them intentionally or if life itself shapes them regardless of his personal preference. The great mistake is to assume that one is the one when it is actually the other, and in the unfortunate majority of human cases men are ruled by the mere mechanical momentum of one event passing into another. There are too many factors at play, weaving together in an accidental and automatic way, yet the seemingly interconnected reality of human dramas convinces men to exaggerate their ability to influence their own present and future. A man himself rarely steers his boat to a calculated destination, save for the most menial of mental and physical motions, but rather, he is inclined to justify every turn and twist as having intimate meaning. The tale of his story gradually forms as it appears to improvise from one development to the next, favouring or disfavouring his continual desire for permanent comfort and pleasure. Great masses congregate and together even construe superstitious meaning out of what is whimsical by its very nature and can only be misunderstood while the mind narrows itself into a point of view that allots far too high a significance on the human condition.


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