One Ray

Shifting SightMost of what a man relies on mentally is characterised as a linear ray of perception that can only provide him with a limited and narrow point of view. In every moment such a ray can by its very nature look only one way, containing in itself the partial vision and comprehension that such a direction reveals. His perspective changes sequentially, one moment looking in one direction, and the next in another. The peculiar situation he finds himself in is compounded by the law that each ray is like a temporary shift of personality, each one able to associate and remember in a very specific way. A man, unaware and ignorant of his state of a continually shuffled deck of psychological cards, each one pronouncing the same title of ‘I’, doesn’t realize that in one moment he can only access a short supply of the totality of memories he has absorbed from his years of toil. They are the memories of one ray’s cumulative experience. His moods shift and he is in possession of one card, one version of himself, with a connection only to a particular aspect of who he is as a whole. In relation to the greater perspective and person he would be if the many rays were to touch one another, sharing and intermingling their particular knowledge and understanding, an ordinary man as he is has no choice but to consider himself an incomplete work.


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