Mental Mechanics

Clearer ClimatesThe majority prefer a sunny climate to one shrouded by clouds and the accompanying rain that showers down from the skies. As is true in the outer world, so do most men seek an inner climate of chipper positivity, clear of the weighty emotions that can otherwise darken ones sense of the possible and potential. This is a description of the sane approach, yet like many other human tendencies a special sort of gravity is at work that compels the sane to lose its form and degenerate into a downward blurry lens of reality. The features of naïveté and hyper-idealism can as easily warp one’s mind as their counterparts, that of negative daydreaming and the myriad of anxious fears that form in its wake. A possibility arises as an idea — though with no substantial proof that it will actually come to pass — and then the mental mechanics of the man busy themselves in skewing the objective into the subjective, colouring reality with several thick coatings of unconscious attractions and aversions. The only way men can at the very least mitigate this borderline compulsive behaviour is to learn to stop their thoughts and step back from the scenery of their own minds. Weather patterns of this type can utterly change with the intentional and conscious choice to press the pause button to the winds and storms of mental association.



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