Alien World

Strange PlaceEvery intention, however good and sincere at its inception, is susceptible to the corruption of a man’s vanity and pride. It is as if one could visualize a funnel drawing downwards, as gravity degenerates the positive into the negative. His hubris forms from the innocent ingredients of whatever thinking happens to fill the scenery of his mind. Men are often so unconscious of what this scenery is, and how their inner world has as many factors at play as a jungle swamped with prey and predators of every sort, that they acquiesce blindly to the forces that be. His reluctance to make an effort in this direction, to understanding his own mind as would an impartial observer towards an alien world, that he is left to the mercy of accidental results. The receptacle receives what it may and unwittingly churns out products that are skewed and distorted into the biased perspectives of a suspect personality. Will his thoughts frame the situation so as to continually justify the man’s position and ensure that whatever he says and does is always more correct and right than what others say and do? Will his reality be shaped by an agenda that he himself is ironically left unaware? Without knowledge, awareness, and a keen impulse to remain vigilant to the deceptive elements of their own selves, men remain forever in a precarious situation.


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