Unnatural Action

Wrong ClothingEvery unintentional bias is a detriment to intelligence. Yet if a man be accused of any such bias, he will often defend it as if it’s attached to him like a limb. At its root a bias is unconscious, and the great majority of them were planted during a stage of his life when a man had no capacity to deliberate for himself. By the time he is made aware, the bias is already bonded to his being like hardened cement. What else can this metaphor imply but that the only way to remove a bias is through suffering? Hardened cement can only break and shatter from a series of violent strikes. It would be rare to find someone who is immediately willing to undergo such a trial without first realizing the necessity for it. The truth is that cemented beliefs clog the psychological pores that would otherwise permit the light of intelligence to pervade. They constipate the mind from perceiving in the heightened states necessary for this mundane appearance of life to transform into a vivid experience. An appreciation of the situation and an understanding of the opportunity cost in refusing to do anything about it is what shocks an ordinary mindset into what is truly an unnatural action.


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