Bigger Picture

Utter WonderIf a man prays for a special outcome and it does not come to pass, and should he nag and grow bitter from the fate of his reality, it only means he lacks the spirit to look beyond himself. Now more than ever people cling to the course of their lives and imbue their hopes with a sense of naïve optimism. The life of the forest supersedes the life of the tree, and the laws at work for the one outmatch, with overwhelming force, the laws of the other. If a man can look upon the world, and so himself within it, along these lines — that is, with thoughts of scale and relativity which place him and his ephemeral existence into proper context — he will surely not find fault with the capricious winds of fate and future. The language of his heart will be softer to the apparent wrongs or unfortunate twists that he personally encounters on any given day. If his vantage is higher, and so concerned and truly interested with the bigger picture surrounding his every breath, than surely his purview will lack this narrow and hardened insistence that his ego always have its way. Such a man will look upon such rigid thinking as the stuff of children, and he will struggle with himself in order to be free to gaze around this very short life in utter wonder.


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