Make Intimate

Look ThroughBorn into means and circumstances that owe their existence to the work of a countless many who have long since come and gone — reflecting an endless stream of events in which cause and effect bore a progress of knowledge — a single man of himself cannot take credit for anything. He is not a point of progress that can simply relate itself to the toils and sacrifices of the past. A man is a completely new beginning, a point that has to start from scratch in understanding not merely the subjects of alleged importance, but discovering for himself what is important and why it is so. Elders continually attempt to copy over an identical mindset from their generation to the next, unaware that the very first lesson that ought to surface in the mind of the newborn child is the motive to learn. If prodded to such a discovery before anything else, a man can apply himself in any number of unique ways, without ever having to be graded or judged by the pretentiously dry mechanisms of socialized education. The point of today may connect him to the line of yesterday, yet the inward mental journeys that provide the context that gives everything else meaning is an experience a man must make intimate all on his own.


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