Natural Baseline

Aside from patent insanity, there is a far more prevalent and unnoticed form of mania. It takes shape in all the varied forms of attachments men make to the hobbies, interests, fantasies, and occupations which fill their days. If something other than a threat to one’s earthly survival can upset a man so greatly that his face turns rosy-red with anger or as pale as snow with fear, than it is such a mania as this that is at work. People mistake the superfluous for the essential so often and with such incessant verve that they can take almost anything, be it as meaningless as the last piece of cake on the dinner table, with emotions of great severity. One’s inner sense of calm and composure can be overturned and overruled by any small and tedious thing as long as a man is deluded enough as to attach his sense of personal worth to that object’s alleged value. The truth is that sanity, the natural baseline of perceptual sobriety, is a state in which a man’s valuation of himself, and the life he leads, is not bound to virtually anything to such a degree that they can lose their temper for it.


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