Rehashed Script

Men are all secretly aimless, and most are unconscious of this fact. In a quiet moment, bereft of a laundry list of chores to manage, they suddenly feel an emptiness of purpose and meaning. What they know is all based on following the rehashed script of a story they have been raised to follow like ants marching along a predefined trail. This, for the most part, they are also unaware. The hypnotic preaching of adults during their early years has devolved into a self-hypnosis that jails each hapless personality into a zealous belief that what they are doing is of their own making. This depiction is only negative as long as it is true, and the situation is only as desperate as a man remains unaware. If he raises his attention to a state of questioning, if he directs himself towards emotions that beget attempts to struggle with their habits of thinking — and so to an exploration of alternatives that lie on a perpendicular line to the life they are currently living — new possibilities spring up like a lotus flower amidst muddy waters. It is a state of questioning, a state of holding oneself at least one step back from accepting old habitual reactions to events and circumstances, that creates room for a new way of being to bloom.


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