Stay Still

A man is only as intelligent as the quality of his attention. His thoughts, scattered by the winds of accidental and random reactions, leave him vulnerable to the whims of endless distraction. No one can truly deny the ingrained state of daydreams that typical fills the majority of a man’s idle mind. What is worse, and perhaps even repulsive to those possessing the rare quality of sanity, is that instead of observing the randomness of his mind as separate from real thinking, he actually believes in the meandering gossip and attempts to piece it all together into what becomes a sensible story of an ego living a life of meaning and purpose. If an oddball personality were to throw all of this claptrap into the proverbial trash bin and silence himself intentionally for a few moments at a time, he might just realize that by displacing associations with silence, by forgetting his story and forgoing the indulgence of believing in any of it, the quality of all his perceptions will begin to grow increasingly vivid. This is what happens when the mediocrity of our conditioned state is forcefully replaced by the will to stay still. By letting go of his need to be clever and thought well of by those around him, by letting go of the story that seems to incessantly require patching up, he finds a truer state emerge.


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