Face Reality

Whatever it is a man tasks himself to do in this moment, he must not lose sight of himself, nor the fact that his point of view is likely narrow and blind-sighted to a great many details. The canvas of life is complicated, elaborate, fluidly changing at every moment, and his perspective must always be forced to recognize this fact of existence. His moods often rule his life and it is these flowers or weeds that grow from the foundation of right or wrong, flexible or rigid, expansive or constricted thinking. Should he absorb himself completely in a particular task and lose his sense of self in it, or if he becomes obsessed with the action itself and loses all sight of the greater context that surrounds his efforts, the results will nearly always prove haphazard. It is exactly these wrong, rigid and constricted ways of thinking that make him vulnerable to negative and naïve moods; childish states of emotion that blame everything and everyone when the events of life fail to meet up to the small ego’s expectations. Life is far too grand and far too wide to be commanded by a shallow mind that refuses to face reality.


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