Total Reset

Each man is a total reset. Neither heritage, nor tradition, nor genetics of any kind, confer upon him an inheritance that he can consider a merit of his own. In everything he must pave his own way, earn by his own labours, and only these direct results convey a meaning that he can associate to himself. The world is filled to the brim with cheap talk of men claiming what they presume to think that they deserve, but very little of this is ever true aside from the most basic of existential rights. No one deserves very much, and if men only recognized this truth to its utter depths, they would find the concept of happiness to be a much more practical and simple reality than they ordinarily accept. A king and a peasant are equal by their birth and death, and nobility is awarded only to the meritorious exertions of those practicing what they otherwise preach with blind tongues. This game is not so complicated and these theories of layers, ranks and hierarchies are utterly invented. The only way to grow and be alive in this world is to first detach, disregard, and disorient oneself away from the common bias of artificial viewpoints. A man must measure himself according to a scale that is somehow beyond the regular shapes and sizes that he has been taught to perceive as valuable.


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