Direct Exposure

As long as a man’s vanity stays put, cushioned by a thousand false desires, he will remain weak, undeveloped, and veiled from reality. As long as he justifies himself and this pseudo role that he has been led to believe is real and worth protecting, his energy will lack the sufficient force to make leaps of faith. Whatever conceptions meet his gaze as he walks through fields of concrete, pretending all the while to understand what is going on, must be viewed with a solid tinge of disbelief. As it is, everything in him keeps his feet stationed in fixed position and though he thinks he is endowed with movement, he is actually glued to a spot of no dimension. Nearly every virtue he thinks he knows is actually a pretense that is hardly ever without the touch of self-interest, and so corrupted at its outset. A man can only make amends by first realizing that whatever he has learned from the words and example of others, yet not also realized by his own efforts, has no inherent value. Only his direct experience, his direct exposure to bitter sweet lessons, can open doors to novel experiences that create new channels for growth. Yet such a thing must always be kept out of reach of any vanity or semblance of it he may unknowingly carry.


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