The Wall

Only a man who is present in the here and now¬†actually exists. If he is lost in daydreams, he just doesn’t exist. He only assumes he does by some error of perception common to the entire hypnotic herd. There is some feature in the mind that conveys a sense of continuity to the events that transpire over the course of one’s day. It blinds a man’s conceptions from grasping the fact that he is walking and talking without actual cognition, clarity and concern for the immediate world in which he is immersed. Unless a pressing and urgent matter is upon his doorstep and requires immediate action in order to avoid dreadful consequences, he is asleep to the world that meets his gaze. He is drowning in his own inattention. It is so because men have been conditioned from birth to muster up as little energy as possible into the reality of the moment, so that they can live deeply in the fantastical world of fleeting phantoms which they label as their¬†thoughts. It is common to us all to live out each day’s allotment of time carried by the steam of automatic and accidental associations. It is common to all to shirk the duties of the here and now and waste one’s energies brewing over the decorations that stand between us and the wall.


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