Rather Senseless

The reality of this moment only becomes remarkable if a man happens to remove himself from the equation. In truth, a personality with its excessive variety of preferences and tastes constipates his overall experience of simply being alive. It is like looking into a room through a keyhole, except even the narrow sight that is made visible through such a gap is coloured by distorting hues that renders it all rather senseless. Personalities will never choose to admit of their own accord that the majority of their values are invented and imaginary. That is, what a personality cares about is a figment of a story that follows a plot that is wholly fabricated, regardless of whatever degree of importance a man, and the society around him, has convinced himself to place upon such values. Faced with the notion that his ordinary conceptions are not based on reality but are in fact imaginary, and so unreal, the problem is gradually solved by learning to simplify his waking moments into states of appreciation for simply being here in the first place and for possessing an awareness that can rightly bestow value upon the worthy facts of life and to detach it altogether from what is clearly worthless.


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