Prepared Mind

Only the weight on a man’s shoulders can allow him to kneel to the service of higher causes. The quality of the content within his mind and heart reflects this weight, as its presence requires a maturity of character and purpose to withstand the pressure. Many men indeed remain as boys inside even as the years pass and their heads turn bald and gray. They shirk a life of increasing pressure, pursuing instead one of least resistance and enduring pleasures, and so their attitude remains at the quality of immature adolescence. To be bold and uncompromising towards oneself, to harness whatever strength and capacity one has to will, and so undertake increasing loads of burden with each passing day, is the duty of a noble heart. Like a potential diamond-to-be, some men inherently recognize the indispensable role that great strain and pressure have on a prepared mind. Such a psyche responds to stress by bearing all its talent to the fore of the moment and so shedding away with all that is unnecessary. The false pleasures and pseudo desires must all be released so that the task at hand be met with every last drop of intent. A man’s dormant talents only bloom in such conditions, for they require the will of a lion in order to unfold into full form. To look upon the aim with unrelenting determination, with complete disregard of errant distraction, is the attitude of a man transforming into a diamond.


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