Exact Channels

This emotional charge, be it absent in us or present in vibrant degrees, is what marks the difference between a shadowy ersatz of a life from that of a brilliant voyage. Men are factories filled with quickening hormones, psychophysical chemicals, and energetic catalysts. They light up a man’s inner stage with meaning. Some live by the swings of extremes, as peaks and troughs of excitement and depression continually change hands. Others follow the prescription to dwell in moderate boredom and so settle for a balanced diet of hypnotic repetition. Yet life, compressed into ever smaller doses of potency, is what some people yearn for as they seek out new experiences in the form of vicarious tales they read in books, hear from the accounts of rumours, or witness on projected screens across the facade of transparent walls. The general wisdom prescribes a dull lifestyle in order to avoid the erratic swings of the pendulum, and rightly so, for extreme experiences often bestow physical distress. Yet there is a world of difference when a man learns to distinguish mere excitement from genuine inspiration, and so is able to forgo cheap thrills in favour of extracting real meaning. The fuel derived is as different to excitement as volatile gasoline is to the exact channels of electricity.


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