Narrow Vision

Men fail to realize that they cannot see the big picture; not of the world, nor themselves. We are designed to be myopic, but insanely enough we’re also built with a sense of certainty that bestows our narrow vision with all sorts of wrong beliefs. Failing to remember how he behaved in the morning and reconciling it with how he behaved in the afternoon and evening, a man is unaccustomed to realize how deep a role hypocrisy plays in his life. Whatever thought that rises to the surface of his mind will be defended as if the whimsical conviction were itself a building block of his identity. Yet in a few passing hours, his mood having adjusted to a change of temperature, setting, or other circumstance, it is all too likely that he will think and act in such a way as to completely contradict his former life just a few hours prior. Nothing is more pervasive and insidious than this emotional certainty that is inherent in the hearts of seemingly every city dweller. It shrinks the corridors in which sensibile and rational thoughts have their place to dwell. In such a state, the priority is not of what is right or wrong, or what is true or false, but what keeps the man’s reputation in good standing amidst a confident army of competitors.


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