Chronically Mediocre

Mediocre from birthMost men habituate themselves to mediocrity without ever realizing it. Mediocrity is in fact a very natural condition. It is the pursuit to excellence that is alien. That is why we often describe men who do remarkable things as exceptional. The human body seeks to optimise its every function and what is mediocrity if not the extension of this physiological imperative to our psychological and physical exertions when survival is not at stake? When the belly is full and the landscape is not harrowing, a man’s perspective will adapt to a level of effort that can be soundly described as autopilot. This may be an uncomfortable realisation to humour for some, especially for those who hold particularly high estimations of themselves, but the fact remains that the majority of people reading these words will most likely fall and fit within the category of the chronically mediocre. This is not to say that they are not aspiring for higher ideals, nor does it mean that there are not genuine instances in their lives when they were indeed performing at a very high level. Such aspirations and instances are very much real, but they are nonetheless exceptions that do not avail from the truth that the general constitution of who and what they are has been habituated to the general state of mediocrity. Nature is at work.


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