Be Reshaped

Scrap it allOnly a fool abides too closely to the status quo. That men age is a universal law, while whether they become wiser with age is simply a subjective opinion. Ignorance can be eternal and whether talent is innate or can manifest through some formulaic recipe of hard work remains an open question. Every structure formed by people and society is arbitrary. They can be reformed into other shapes that are better or worse, but the point is that they can always, and at any time, be reshaped in a variety of ways and directions. The status quo is based on invested interests, fear and laziness. Those who have a chair to sit on aren’t going to readily depart from it so easily, especially when those chairs are thrones. This dynamic imposes severe restrictions to the capacity of society to innovate voluntarily. Technology, on the other hand, has become far too pushy in recent times and its power to disrupt is proving both overwhelming and incompatible to the very concept of a stationary status quo. It cannot be caged because it cannot be understood. That the self-satisfied cream of society has made such efforts to keep things as they are has created the unintended consequence of leaving them unprepared and ill-equipped to smother these fierce flames.


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