Next Frame

Looking DownThe modern man’s emotional state is as if caught in a coma. He is fickle, troubled in one moment, content in the next, rising and falling by way of the next unveiled moment. His emotional welfare is contingent on the randomness of events and the relation of those events to his expectations of what should and ought happen for the sake of his convenience and comfort. An honest appraisal would state that there is very little, perhaps even nothing at all, permanent in his attitudes and outlook towards life except that his emotions are highly changeable and erratic relative to it. What he may mistake as solid and grounded is wholly based on the circumstances he finds himself in. He has this idea that he is such and such because men have the luxury of not being able to observe all their daily reactions, wrapped tightly together, on a clear canvas that paints the picture from a higher vantage. Who and what he is hinges on the fact that his psychology churns always according to the next frame of the movie that is playing, without an appropriate accounting of a larger, overarching, point of view that would otherwise deem his reactions to his expectations absurd.


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