Curve Away

For the would-be maverick the world is a cesspool of incessant inconveniences. Hurdles and obstacles are, in fact, the rule and not the exception. If nature could conjure up straight lines, the rules would be different and the law of the land would be the reverse. Beyond feats of engineering, men cannot conjure up straight lines either, and so their endeavors curve away from their original intentions in such a way that it eludes their understanding. Dead set on holding on to the misperception that life should conform to their endless desires, they struggle to be content with bare and naked reality. When a man of the oddball variety shifts his perspective to one more closely aligned to the sober conditions he actually lives in, a great deal of the negativity he usually experiences in the daily motions of his earthly labours begin to vanish as if they never, ever, actually existed. This is the simplicity of existence that one meets with in the wilderness but loses sight of in the metropolitan hives of advanced super-monkeys. There is the struggle to survive on the one side and on the other an ever-churning daydream that coaxes the eyes and senses into believing in what is not even there.


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