Gives Chase

Men run in circles, repeating each day the mistakes of the last. Hardly a single ego is around that actually wants to learn from the sort of ingrained habitual mistakes that cause a fickled mess of matters. If the solution is automatic or if there is an impending threat, like falling off a precipice and breaking one’s back, then avoiding an error is easy, or at least straight forward. But if there are ways to cut corners and at the same time hide any and all mistakes from public sight, then the man will usually prefer to travel the path of least resistance. Stress and it’s tentacles are what gives chase to the man who reaches always for a comfortable and pain-free existence. Whatever bold and daring qualities lurk within his daydreams typically vanish when the opportunity arrives in real life to act bold and daring, facing the troubles of life squarely. Stress stops such noble feats in its tracks when a man is alone, left to his own thoughts, and particularly when he has no audience to witness his blunders first hand.


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