Natural Fiction

The most natural mistake in this unnatural world that a man constantly makes is to insist on being in the right. The calling card for not only ensuring survival in society, but also striving to prosper within it, is to put on an air of self-certainty in whichever nooks and crannies one’s sense of vanity seems to feel is valuable. There are too many ants attempting to march in the same direction and the hard-wired fear of scarcity begs each passing citizen to act in insincere ways and so pretend to be something quite bloated from the norm. If a man does not appear to be special, unique, and exceptional amongst the herd of countless others, then the fairy tale story of an ego he has built around his particular name will soon begin to wilt. Utterly unsure of what to fill in the newfound space that could otherwise be left as sincerity, it is typical for a man to feel increasingly anxious, depressed and negative towards a reality that appears to have turned against him. He must play out the role his inner narrator incessantly assumes to be true or he would otherwise have to face the fact that he does not really even know who he is. If he strays away from the natural fiction and moves towards the unnatural reality, he will no longer have much to say or do that will garner any special attention from the superficial herd.


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