Invisible Territory

Every man is wired to think and feel in opposites and so the borderlands of peace are inevitably empty. The ordinary heart is split into two factions and, aside from friends and enemies and the labels of good and bad, a man is relatively blind to who and what he is indifferent to. If the label of like and dislike aren’t assigned in their proper spots, then nothing is planted and so no energy flows in the form of his attention. To a man of normal means and intelligence, what he feels neither positive or negative towards is invisible territory. If he cannot gaze at it and appreciate the ground to some degree, it simply doesn’t exist for him. Men ride the waves of opposites to and fro and it is this one law that creates the inexorable conditions of friction, misunderstanding, conflict, and tension. The common misconception is that peace is a place and phenomenon that exists in some seeming vacuum, but no such thing can ever exist of its own accord. The great paradox is that peace must be an enduring effort of defense against one’s inherent nature as a creature of conflict. While no man says to himself or is conscious of the fact that he is oriented in such a way, the truth is that his unconscious wirings play out his life on his behalf, and a man himself has no recourse other than to struggle against everything that he is in order to live in a new way.


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