Deeply Buried

There are some psychological features that are so deeply buried within a man, tucked away under layers of dirt, that he may never have the opportunity to see them face to face. To people passing by it may be strikingly noticeable and obvious, but for the man himself it is utterly invisible. For some the need to be right about anything and everything, and the aching desire to constantly be reassured by the appreciation of others, is the fallible crux at the center of his troubles. If something drives him in such a way that he himself is unaware, if he fails to know his true motives and instead believes in the clever reasonings that his false mind conjures without fail, then the direction of his life is doubtful of ever leading to genuine meaning and escalating value. There cannot be a more important task undertaken by a man than to find ways, people, and ideas that incessantly reveal to him what it is that really and truly dictates the nature of his actions. Left to himself, without outside help of however many means he can discover and nurture as elements in his daily life, a man will likely meet no other outcome than an endless cyclic repetition of the same miserable mistakes. One, two, or three central flaws of character can follow side by side this entire mortal voyage as shadows that manage to unfailingly escape ever being touched by light.


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