Highest Form

The idea that a man ought to ‘multitask’, that is, to intentionally disperse his attention in multiple directions simultaneously, has strangely become recognized as a virtue in modern times. To undertake more than one thing at the same time is more or less fancied as a skill that deserves admiration. It would likely shock most people to be told that such a tendency is in fact a detriment to the quality of their fruits in life and an open door to an increasingly mediocre existence. Attention, like anything that has substance, is potent when collected and diluted when dispersed. The quality of our attention is proportional to our capacity to collect its every aspect into a single concentrated effort. This can only be realized in its highest form when a man commits to uncompromisingly focus all of his attention to one task at a time. The quality of his works will reflect the degree in which he is able to persist in keeping his eyes locked on the target of the moment. Whether it be the mundane tasks of eating, tying shoelaces, reading a book, listening to someone talk, or whatever it is a man finds himself doing right there and then, he must make the moment increasingly real by paying attention to what he is doing.


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